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4 Soul Shifting Strategies To Move From Stress To Success

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So here it is – my top secret, transformative Strategy For Success – to pole vault you out of the stress / anxiety / worry discussed below and into the inner masterpiece that sits just beneath your frustration, challenges and instincts.

Because when you’re feeling exasperated (you know that stuck feeling), you’re actually on the brink of a breakthrough. Who knew?!

You can either do this easy 4 Step Success Session during your lunch break today or this weekend when you have a wee window to invest in some you time. Easy to apply, soul-shifting and success shaping, it will take just 15-20 minutes and will be the best luxury you treat yourself to today.

Tried and tested on coaching clients across the globe, I applied this to myself yesterday afternoon and it changed my mood entirely, shifting me from stasis and anxiety to forward focus and the “SO WHAT; NOW WHAT?” mindset which means you mean business about your life and your happiness.

So, Now What?

And the best news of all – all you need is your favourite pen and some paper to jot down your thoughts (the power is in WRITING the below down – trust me on this…)

And you’re ready for a magical mind slide…


i) What’s going to move you from where you are now to where you want to be? Sum up what your goal is in one sentence. Note it down.

ii) Think about your issue and forward to a point in time when the issue is as you want it to be. What do you notice that shows you you have achieved the goal? Note it down.

iii) What are you hearing, feeling and seeing that tells you that you have achieved your goal or solved your issue? Note it down.

iv) What are you doing that shows you have achieved the goal? Note it down.


i) What is going on right now that tells you you have an issue or a challenge here? Note it down.

ii) What is missing from your current situation that you would like to have? Note it down.

iii) What is happening that is good that you want to preserve to contribute to achieving your goal? Note it down.

iv) What obstacles or possible barriers are in your way that prevent or hinder you from moving forward? Note it down.

v) What resources do you have to help you achieve your goal. What other resources will you need? Note it down.


Is it still relevant or has it changed? Make any adjustments required now.


i) What could you do to move yourself one step forward right now? Note it down.

ii) What else could you do if the world was your oyster with no explanations required to anyone and no financial constraints? Note it down.

iii) What would your best friends suggest? Note it down.

iv) If you secretly know what you should do first, what would it be? Note it down.

v) What is the benefit of each option and which feel the most right in your gut? Note it down.


i) What are you going to do? List the actions you must go through to achieve your goal. Note it down.

ii) How will these actions meet your main goal? Note it down.

iii) When are you going to take these actions? Note it down.

iv) Who else should know about your action plan and what will telling them give you? Note it down.

v) Whatever your first step is, what obstacle or barrier might stop you from doing it and how will you overcome this? Note it down.

Now DIARISE the springboard to success action plan you’ve dug deep to find and enjoy – because you’re going to watch the stresslift off you as you move closer and closer to achieving your goal and the new, hopeful, inspired you.


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