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As a career and mindset coach, I help you work out what you want to be, do and have in your dream career and life. This is far more effective than being told what to do and the clearest way to success and fulfilment. Mentoring adds real return on investment to the career coaching experience, allowing me to leverage my varied commercial experience across leading organisations to help you expedite clarity, eliminate stress and effect change fast. I’ve successfully worked with individuals at all levels across a range of industries. You could be next.



If you're feeling flat, disillusioned, frustrated or disengaged with your career, identifying your drivers, strengths, passions + purpose will help you find a career which fits.


If you're feeling like your career is draining your confidence + you want to thrive in the right career, career coaching will help you re-connect with your authentic self + find the right career.


If you know you need a change but don't know where to start, career coaching will give you the tools to get clear on what you need + take the stress out of how to get there.


If you're unsure what career would make you happy, how to research alternative options + develop a strategy to secure your dream job, career coaching will give you the confidence to make the leap.


360 Career Change

If you’re unhappy in your career + want to find work you love, career coaching will fast-track clarity + confidence + give you the tools to find the right career

Application + CV MasterY

If you’re unsure how to stand-out in a crowded job market + seal the competitive job deal, this masterclass will give you the tools to succeed

Ace the

If you’ve done the hard work but don’t want to fall at the last hurdle, learn the simple toolkit for nailing the interview + practise till perfect

Career Workshops

Whether CVs, interviews or career discovery, our workshops are tailored to school + university students to fast track clarity + springboard change






The first 3 sessions are 1.5 hours because understanding yourself is the foundation upon which everything else sits. Deep diving into your professional past and pre-session questionnaire unearths key frustrations, stumbling blocks, likes and dislikes so we unearth what happiness and success means to you. We then identify and analyse your values and aspirations to bottom out how fulfilment, meaning and purpose would manifest in your ideal life and round off by identifying your interests, passions, strengths, weaknesses and possible career options before deep-diving into career map exploration.


The next 3 sessions focus on exploring career options in greater depth with easy to use research strategies and top tips from leading career experts to help take the stress out of finding the right career for you. In between session support minimises overwhelm while sessions provide an essential mirror to hold a mirror up to you, helping you cut through confusion and complexity and connect with career options that truly energise and excite you. Once you understand what you need to be happy, you can start formulating your dream job description, learn how to bridge any gaps and move confidently in the direction of your dreams. As well as supporting you with templates for success which have got me into the top jobs, I weave life coaching support through career coaching sessions because most life transitions require mindset mastery to leverage real change.


Consolidating your personal brand is essential in building your sales toolkit and sealing the dream-job deal. Combining my strong commercial and creative acumen and proven track record securing jobs in leading companies, I help take the stress out of the selling yourself, providing you with a killer toolkit to land your dream job, nailing the all-important CV, cover letter, applications and interview. It really is simple when you know the rules of the game. After each session, I send you inspiring guidance and resources which are carefully tailored to your needs. These help motivate and inspire you to achieve your goals, keeping momentum and motivation in full flow. I put 120% into coaching and always achieve results with clients who are committed to change.

Delivering a careers bootcamp to Imperial College Alumni




As a lawyer turned Career + Mindset Coach with experience working in leading organisations across a range of industries, I’m a commercial creative hybrid who knows what organisations are looking for. My analytical strengths help you deconstruct the complex quickly + gain laser-focus clarity to strategize effectively + effect change, fast. As a trained telephone counsellor + NLP Practitioner, I’m empathetic + intuitive, with an interactive style which energises clients. My approach is integrative and highly bespoke, tailoring my coaching, counselling + commercial expertise to your personal + professional needs. Everyone is different, which is why I have a free discovery call with clients before working with them. This ensures we are the right fit + allows me to adapt the coaching programme to your individual requirements whether mindset mastery, professional transition or strategic approach.


My passion for coaching stems from diverse life experience which has seen me navigate (not always bright and breezily, I might add) different countries, corporate environments, challenges + adventures from property, PR, law + higher education to South America, Madrid, Chamonix and beyond. What I can safely say I’ve learnt along the way is what lies beneath true happiness, how fulfilment really works + – more importantly – how I can help you get there – your version of it, your way. Because no matter how different we may seem, we all operate within a similar framework of happiness. We’re frustrated when we live our lives at odds with our values + we’re inspired when we learn what makes us tick. Once we identify what drives us + we reshape our daily lives in accordance with our values, life becomes a lot less stressful + a lot more fulfilling.

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