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podcast legal exchange with hena

Legal Exchange with Hena

Life Coach Reveals How ToManage Your Mental Health

Imagine if you could improve your mental health purely through small daily actions and the support from your employer? Melanie explains why our daily practices, especially in a busy profession like law really makes a difference. With some simple tools she believes we can improve our mental health and overall wellbeing.

podcast change work life

Change Work Life

Looking after your mental health at work

In this episode, we’re joined by success coach and corporate wellbeing trainer Melanie Pritchard to discuss how we can build positive mental health and wellbeing practices in the workplace and what you can do personally to look after your mental health.

podcast author your life

Author Your Life With David McCrae

Resilience and Career Coaching

In a conversation as wide-ranging as the first, you will learn:
1: Why problems are opportunities
2: The different types of distorted thinking and how to overcome them
3: Careers are like dating, you don’t settle for the first thing that comes along
4: If you don’t identify your values, you’ll keep on making choices that conflict with them

podcast crafty counsel

Crafty Counsel

My three top tips for lawyers to embrace failure

The legal profession thrives off excellence and high achieving professionals, which is great because it minimises mistakes. The downside of this is that we can end up living under a constant state of stress, and become hyper-aware of our mistakes. How do we get the balance right?

podcast author your life

Author Your Life With David McCrae

Success in Work and Love

In this Interview you will learn:
- How to achieve the elusive "Work/Life Balance"
- Identifying how you want to feel in relationships, rather than what you want in your partner
- How to create a framework for what you want in relationships
- Using gratitude to overcome difficult times

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