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A trained Lawyer turned certified Life + Career Coach + Corporate Success Trainer, I’m a commercial, creative hybrid with a passion for helping individuals + businesses be the best they can be.

I’ve witnessed, first-hand, how high-stress cultures can affect people + a real lack of awareness around what drives wellbeing + mental health (+ the personal and commercial cost of getting this wrong). To quote a senior partner in a magic circle law firm: “Driven people like us don’t struggle with things like that”. This couldn’t be further from the truth which is why I teach smart, successful people + businesses the tools to be their happiest, most productive selves.

Having lived in a variety of countries + worked across a variety of leading organisations, I’m at ease with different people’s maps of the world + create bespoke solutions which get results.

My 3-Step Formula for success is simple: Understand, Create, Transform. For once you have clarity around the pain-point, you can create an action plan for change + transform reality from the inside out – personally, professionally + organisationally

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Life Coaching

Whether private client or employee, life coaching helps you understand what makes you tick, what you need to be happy and productive and how to re-align your life accordingly.

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Corporate Masterclasses

From Resilience Masterclasses and Mental Health First Aid to Emotional Intelligence and Communication Masterclasses, these science-backed toolkits optimise employee happiness and productivity

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Career Coaching

Whether private client or employee, career coaching helps you find the right professional role, bust through limiting beliefs and live your dreams.

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Whether early stage, mid-stage or C-suite professional, corporate coaching helps you get clear on your goals, strategies and blocks to move to the next level.

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