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As a life and mindset coach, I help you work out what you want to be, do and have in your dream life and how to re-align reality accordingly. This is far more effective than being told what to do and the clearest way to success and fulfilment. I take a highly bespoke but holistic approach, considering your whole self in order to focus on core areas of priority whether emotional, professional, romantic, spiritual, geographical or financial. I’ve successfully worked with individuals at all ages and stages in life. You could be next.

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If you're feeling confused about who you are, what you want or why you're feeling stuck, identifying your core drivers will help you make confident decisions about your future which are aligned with your true passions.



If you're struggling to make confident decisions or feeling overwhelmed with stress or anxiety, life coaching will teach you how to build your confidence muscle and master your mind so you can fulfil your true potential.



If personal or professional relationships are causing you stress and you want to find solutions for change, life coaching will teach you an easy to use toolkit to help you master conflict and move forward calmly and constructively.



If you're struggling with stress, having difficulty managing your negative inner voice or wanting to find greater balance and wellbeing, life coaching will teach you the tools to help you come out on top, repeatedly.



How sessions work?



The first 2 sessions are 1.5 hours because understanding yourself is the foundation upon which everything else sits. A deep-dive questionnaire helps you gain clarity on your frustrations, challenges, goals and dreams, so we can break down your path to happiness and success. We then identify your values to bottom out what gives you true purpose and meaning - your 'blue-print for happiness'.


The consequent sessions are tailored to individual session goals identified in your deep-dive questionnaire, whether helping you build confidence and resilience, tune into your instincts in a particular area of life or unblock limiting beliefs to shift you from where you are now to where you want to be. Having a coach as a sounding board and champion expedites the process of change, supercharging resistance into action.


Each session is followed up with inspiring guidance and resources carefully tailored to your needs. This maximises goal achievement, helping embed newly learnt tools into daily life. Rather than prescribing a one size fits all approach, I suggest a minimum base package with optional bolt-on Success Booster Sessions so you can tailor the coaching to your needs. If you are ready for change and ready to do the work, you will get results.

What clients say


As a lawyer turned Success Coach, I’m a commercial creative hybrid with a range of skills to meet your needs. My analytical strengths help deconstruct the complex quickly and gain laser-focus clarity to strategize effectively and effect change, fast. As a trained telephone counsellor and NLP Practitioner, I’m empathetic and intuitive and have a dynamic, interactive style which energises and inspires clients. My approach is integrative and highly bespoke, tailoring my coaching, counselling and commercial expertise to your personal and professional development needs. Everyone is different, which is why I have a free discovery call with clients before working with them. This ensures we are the right fit and allows me to tailor the coaching programme to your individual requirements whether emotional, professional, romantic, spiritual, geographical or financial.


My passion for coaching stems from diverse life experience which has seen me navigate (not always bright and breezily, I might add) different countries, corporate environments, challenges and adventures from property, PR, law and higher education to South America, Madrid, Chamonix and beyond. What I can safely say I’ve learnt along the way is what lies beneath true happiness, how fulfilment really works and – more importantly – how I can help you get there – your version of it, your way. Because no matter how different we may seem, we all operate within a similar framework of happiness. We’re frustrated when we live our lives at odds with our values and we’re inspired when we learn what makes us tick. Once we identify what drives us and we reshape our daily lives in accordance with our values, life becomes a lot less stressful and a lot more fulfilling.

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