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How Making Fear your Friend is The Great Game-Changer


“Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful” – Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley 📖

How often do you avoid things for fear of what’ll happen if you face how you really feel and act on it?

How often do you think through the lens of what you could lose rather than what you could gain at moments of uncertainty? Think contemplating ending a relationship, asking for a promotion or having a tricky conversation with a mother in law?

The courage it takes to move in alignment with our deeper knowing can feel mega like mountains. I’ve felt it many a time and still do daily whether doing something new in my business (knowing deep down it’ll leverage strengths I’m scared to lean into) or having tricky conversations that make me feel vulnerable.

But here’s what I’m learning.

There’s no confusion in truth.

When we move in alignment with our intuition, even when we don’t know know where that may ultimately lead, even if we’re slightly terrified underneath, it always ends well. ALWAYS.

I’ve never not felt fear, I’ve felt it again n again n again. But at those key life crosswords like:

🏔️ leaving law for life coaching
🏔️ dating folk my parents initially disapproved of
🏔️moving abroad to places that made no sense to others
🏔️trusting my intuition with puzzley loves others may not have understood through the complex lens of my eyes

– I’ve always known somewhere deep within that I must follow the whisperings of my intuition – even if I didn’t fully understand where that would lead me.

And turns out every brave act has been critical to my growth and happiness.

I wouldn’t have woken up to my passion for freedom, nature, adventure, mental health, travel and entrepreneurialism without small but defiant moves through fear. I wouldn’t understand people half as much as I do if I hadn’t done that workshop for sex offenders or dated free spirits at odds with the corporate world but at one with themselves in a way that woke me up, hard. I would have ‘suffered’ less had I avoided those small, courageous acts but those were my awakening.

And I wouldn’t be able to help clients half as much as I do without having lived a life true to me.

And interestingly, turns out the greater the judgment, fear and confusion I felt from a few influential people in my life at those seemingly rebellious acts, the more powerful and high-results producing those decisions were for me.

So trust your gut. Others ‘shoulds’ are often just well-meaning projections of themselves, which may be shaped by a soul entirely different to yours.

And if you’re wondering what your intuition is saying, turn away from the mind and towards the body.

What are you feeling in it? If it could speak, what would it say?

There’s your answer ✨

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