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Why Radical Career Change is Easier than You Think


Sick of your job + the Sunday blues?

Is your other half bored of you moaning about work but doing nothing about it?

Know you want to make a change but a recruiter doesn’t seem the answer?

Think a radical career move is impossible?

Think again.

My coaching clients are super bright + successful + start out feeling stressed, confused + doubtful that real change is possible – especially radical change into different roles or industries.

Your monkey mind is naughty like that 😬

And while some of my clients move into linked areas that fulfil them tenfold, many move in radically different directions that truly excite them such as:

🙃 Management consultant 👉🏿 Sport’s’ Salesman + Football Marketeer
🙃 Head of Media Sales 👉🏿 Head of Operations + Product in Property
🙃 Midwife 👉🏿 Innovation + Project Manager
🙃 Lawyer 👉🏿 Life Coach + Tech Entrepeneur
🙃 Or like Vicki below, Occupational Therapist 👉🏿 Insurance Broker

Your brain will always try to tell you it’s impossible, too hard + that you don’t have the skills or the time, but 7 years’ coaching experience tells me otherwise – the measure of success being clients landing not just ‘nice to have’ jobs, but dream jobs that they love + which pay them well.

If you’re sick of feeling apathetic, bored, angry or fake, that’s great news – cos all those feelings show are unmet needs – + that’s where most of us stop, swimming around in stress with nowhere to go.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

The good news is, in as little as 3 weeks you can feel radically different with a roadmap for hope + tangible career change that truly fulfils you. Your friends + family may even like you more for it !

Think a role which meets your needs, interests, strengths + purpose + a sense of relief that you’re not crazy for having felt unfulfilled before.

Better than that, getting clear on what makes you tick expedites the motivation required to change paths – because you now have a roadmap for what you want – much as you would in looking for your ideal life partner.

And just like dating, you can use prior experiences to inform what you need to be happy (or not) so you can make better future decisions for a 5* life.

And for the naysayers thinking a shift in career means inevitable salary drop?

This is far from inevitable if you know how to play the game.

We all have unique selling points + goldmine skills that can be leveraged in all sorts of directions if you know how to spin your story. All you need to do is show why you’re nuts about an organisation + how you can add value – because, after all, that’s what every business wants.

Don’t know where to begin but dislike the back-rubby, hot-air, touchy-feely stereotype of coaching?

Drop me a line to to arrange a Chemistry Call. I call them that cos if we don’t have fun + you don’t hang-up feeling hopeful, motivated + excited for change, I won’t be the girl for you!

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