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Why the F Word is My Favourite


‘There’s no fear when you’re having fun’ – Will Thomas 👻

My favourite F word out there. And one reason I left law. I wanted, nay needed, more time for fun.

Shame on me 🫢

I didn’t want to while away my evenings at the office cancelling dinner parties and dates.

I also had no desire to end up like my miserable boss whose only asset was her corporate success.

Add to that losing a very fun brother at 23 which made me more aware of the shortness of life and the importance of fun – he had a wit and sense of the ridiculous that lit up rooms and signed off a letter to my twin and I days’ before his death with, ‘we need to have a lot of fun’ (underlined), before quoting Austin Powers. Yeah baby. It was a huge consolation to us that he had huge amounts of fun in his relatively short life – he went out with a bang and somehow even managed to bring humour to the tragic.

It was the same for the effervescent, Ems. She was one of the silliest, wittiest people I’ve ever known with a sense of the ridiculous that had me rolling around on the floor – she even had a pink feather bower around her grave! Thank God she truly lived large. I could see her throwing her head back with laughter now making a black humour lined joke about this! In fact, she’d probably be thrilled one of my greatest sadnesses when we lost her was that she was one of a handful of people who truly made me roar with laughter every time I saw her.

So actually, getting serious about fun is essential – it’s the ultimate stress reliever afterall and a place where over-thinking and fear are extinguished. That’s not just a nice to have, it’s a need to have and a super effective happiness hack for removing the greatest disabler out there – fear – the root of stress and much mental illness.

Ever notice how you’ll often get clarity on big life stresses when you switch off and let loose?

It ain’t no accident.

So make sure you prioritise fun whilst busy adulting. You’ll never regret making time for laughter and joy.

Life is short, afterall.

To quote an awesome family friend on his way out of a tip top life:

‘Whatever you do, you must have fun’ 🎈

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