Career Success Story: Overwhelm to Clarity & Fulfilment


“Attention energises, intention transforms” – Deepak Chopra 💫

I can’t take much credit for my clients’ transformations because as Deepak alludes to above, magic happens when you create space to explore how you really feel and what that reveals about your unmet needs. When you get clarity on that, you have what I call your Roadmap to Happiness ~ and from there, you’re away.

Ailsa was a talented Creative with snazzy brands all over her CV when we first met. However, under her slick image and sexy LinkedIn profile she wasn’t feeling happy or fulfilled and was worried that she was becoming depressed.

She feared she was beyond help in her confusion.

As is so often the case, the reverse was true.

She was a frustrated powerhouse of a human with an X-Factor personality to boot.

Within 2 sessions, she was fizzing off the wall like a human Haribo with the kind of clarity and passion that shoots rockets into space.

It was a joy to behold – and not a-typical to see this kind of energy surge after session 2 where we clarify a client’s values (the things we need to be connecting with to feel truly fulfilled).

Even if one leading value isn’t met eg work life balance / innovation, it can leave you feeling quite out of sorts.

Her success reflects her hard work and resilience.

She showed up.

She dug deep.

She was brave enough to acknowledge she was confused, frustrated and fast becoming the kind of girlfriend she didn’t want to be.

That space in between is a vulnerable place to sit. It’s uncertain, it’s the grey zone and it’s frosted with fear.

It takes courage to dig deep and take a step upwards towards truth versus downwards towards the ‘should’ led world of ego, illusion and outward box-ticking, where you may seem impressive but your soul is starving inside.

As ever, emotions are signals that light our path to happiness if we know how to interpret them.

I’m just a vessel to support that magical journey.

And boy is it a sight to behold intense growth, self-awareness and self-actualisation in such a short space of time.

So please trust me when I say, there’s clarity beneath confusion, there is power amidst vulnerability and there’s huge potential for deep fulfilment if you have the courage to get curious in the space in between.

In the stunning words of Viktor Frankl, the Austrian psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor:

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom” ☁️


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From Lawyer to Life Coach: My Story & Why if I could do it, you can, too!

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‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle’ – Steve Jobs

The moment I realised I wanted to leave law, I was sitting in the car park at work on Sunday for the nth time, stifling tears of fatigue and frustration.

The moment I realised coaching could be the ideal fit work-wise was sitting a-top a double decker bus in London, reading an article on coaching, having that soulmate feeling you get when you know you may have hit the jackpot.

For the rest of my story, check out my short no-holds-barred video below explaining my move from lawyer to life and career coach and corporate trainer.

In it, I address:

💡 the dealbreakers that helped me realise law wasn’t for me;
💡 what helped me get clarity on career change;
💡 why working with coaching clients met my needs more than supporting people through divorce;
💡 why ‘net income’ is so important and why ‘income’ is a deceptive notion;
💡 why owning my own business was attractive instead of scary; and
💡 why knowing my superpowers was a real guiding light in my career change

If you’re unhappy or even just discontent in your career, know that if I can do it, you can, too.

You don’t have to see the whole staircase to make change, you just need to trust your instinct and take the first step.

Don’t know if coaching or career change may even be the right thing for you?

Take comfort from Bob Nardelli’s words, former CEO of Home Depot which has a $353 billion market capitalisation today: “I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential”.

Unsure if you can change paths and keep the salary you want?

Most of my new clients feel the same but quickly shift state from fear and doubt to excitement and hope, like Vanessa, another lawyer, below:

“I was referred to Mel at a point when my I felt trapped in a frustrating role and working environment. Mel proved to be a lifeline and a joy to work with as she: got me to articulate what really matters to me in my working life; has turned my frustrations into inspirations; and always ended each session with a practical ‘to do’ list. Mel’s sessions have not only allowed me to focus my thought processes on what I want and need from my career but also helped me work out a practical approach for pushing my current career in the direction I want it to go. Each session left me feeling energised and positive. I could not recommend her enough”.

Remember, our time on Earth is short.

As Steve Jobs said: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”.

To watch my story click here.

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The 1 Surprising Secret to Career Change!



‘Success is when opportunity meets preparation’ – Zig Ziglar

I just spoke to one of my amazing career coaching clients who made insanely inspiring leaps forward last year and will be taking a new role and area by storm in 2024. Her pumped energy was a far cry from initial exasperation and fears it wouldn’t happen.

Very impressive and inspiring!

Her uplifting 360 reminds me again and again of the power of getting clarity on what lies beneath dissatisfaction and lethargy, the power of identifying what needs you must connect with to be happy and the value of carving out space to brainstorm and explore the best strategic options for change.

As another inspiring client wrote to me, a human rights lawyer who felt stuck between two options and unclear on which to choose: ‘It’s amazing what happens once you get clear on your vision’.

To quote a bad man I once dated:

‘Ain’t that the truth!’

Not sure where to start?

Don’t know what options are available to you if you’ve been in the same area for years?

Unsure of what your strengths, interests and unique selling points are?

Doubtful change is even possible?

Drop me a DM to book in a free discovery call and let’s turn confusion into clarity before January is out! 🥂

Nailing Interviews: The Secret Ingredients to Success


‘Success is when preparation meets opportunity’ – Zig Ziglar

I love nothing more than receiving texts like these from career coaching clients thoroughly deserving of success.

The courage, determination and commitment to greatness I see in my clients is humbling and inspiring.

Few of us are born great but we all have the potential for greatness within us.

In the same vein, many of us aren’t born to ace applications and interviews without practise and prep – no matter the brain or charm.

But that’s the difference between the winners and losers in life, the fixed and the growth mindset.

I’m so proud of this client – he’s shown great resilience and determination and I’ve always believed in him as I do all my clients – because every one has the one high performance trait that ensures success – courage.

Courage to go further – courage to fight harder – courage to be resourceful and seek support and the courage to chase their dreams.

Ain’t nothin’ average about folk like this and it’s the great privilege of my work that I get to support life and career coaching clients to upgrade their lives skyward.

If you’re wanting to do the same and have a seed of courage within to go after true happiness and success, get in touch for a free discovery call at

I help with all sorts from:

☘️ imposter syndrome, confidence blocks and mindset mastery
☘️ finding your purpose in life or career
☘️ relationships, co-parenting and communication
☘️ boundaries and leadership
☘️ career change inc networking, CV, applications, interviews and LinkedIn rebranding
☘️ high-impact presenting / speeches
☘️ high-performance habits

What are you willing to do to live the life you dream of?

3 Ways to Create a Cracking CV!


‘Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation’ – Zig Ziglar

Uplevelling your CV can feel like one of the driest tasks going, but with a few simple tricks you can create a cracking CV in as little as an hour.

Here are 3 of 10 top tips I share with career coaching clients keen to stand out from a crowded job market to attract the job of their dreams.

The good news? Even if you’re superb, most CVs are sub-par, so nailing this is an easy way to shine. And you’ll feel amazing for it.

And with the average recruiter spending a mere 30 seconds reviewing a CV, first impressions count.

To give your CV a back to school spring clean that will be quick and fun, drop me a DM with the words ‘bring it on’ and let’s help you get the job of your dreams fast🧞‍♀️

Still unsure? Here’s what a wonderful Brazilian client, Marcel Bittencourt, said recently: “The CV Masterclass Webinar was outstanding. It made me rethink a lot of things about my CV”.

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3 Ways to Sex-Up A Cover Letter!

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“Seduce my mind and you can have my body, find my soul and I’m yours forever” – MD Waters

Can you guess the link between dating and careers?

I see average cover letters again and again. Just like attracting a crème de la crème mate, we need to up our game massively to attract top employers, stand out from the crowd and secure the top jobs.

This means hardcore seduction.

I’m talking KC level, evidence based seduction that wins High Court cases.

There should be nothing average about it.

If it’s not breath-taking, don’t send it.

It you know it’s not a 10 out of 10, keep drafting.

If you don’t know how, drop me a line.

Corporate seduction is my superpower!

Like anything in life, it’s easy when you have the magic formula.

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Still unsure? Here’s what a recent client, Tina LePomme said: ‘‘I worked with Mel in 2022. She helped me redefine my career, think about my key priorities and supported me throughout the entire process all the way until I found the dream job. She is absolutely amazing, she’s incredibly resourceful, will go above and beyond to support you in any way she can and is very professional. I cannot recommend her enough”

How to Unearth the Hidden Job Market and Find Work you Love!

Who Owns An Idea? A Good Idea Doesn't Care Who Has It

‘My best interactions to secure this new career were through speculative approaches’ – Buzzing Client!

I just came off a call with an overjoyed management consulting career coaching client who came to coaching feeling overwhelmed, confused and unsure about how she could find a new career she loved. She lacked confidence and worried it wasn’t possible to maintain her pay and find happiness through career change. She has since secured her dream career in a new industry and new role she’d previously doubted was possible, combining her interests in law and tech to great effect (throw in Mondays off to work from home with her children and a higher salary, too!)

She did this through an unusual route, which, done well, can secure you the job of your dreams in ways your inner saboteur may try to quash!

It’s one of the most high-results producing methods I share with disillusioned career coaching clients who want to find work they love in cultures that truly align.

Watch my short video here for the insider scoop and reach out if you’d like the secret formula!

Disclaimer: don’t do this if you’re not prepared for massive career fulfilment!

If you’d like to learn more about how to get career clarity fast to find work you love, contact me for a free discovery call here!

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How Radical A Career Change is Possible with Career Coaching?

10 Signs You May Be Ready for a Career Change

‘Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’ – Confucius

🤫 Bored by your career?
🤫 Lack interest in the subject matter?
🤫 Hate the place you work?
🤫 Secretly long to change paths but don’t know how, into what or if you can maintain your earnings?

So many of my clients have many of these doubts and sooo much more.

Happily, working with hundreds of clients across all industries has confirmed successful career change is ABSOLUTELY possible – sometimes in radically different directions as explained above!

Infact, making ‘major’ changes become so much easier when you get clear on who you are and what you need to be happy. One way we do this in my 360 Career Change Programme is by examining:

🍋 Your passions and interests
🍋 Your strengths and superpowers
🍋 Your values (what gives your life meaning)
🍋 Your purpose

Sound hard? It’s easy with the right support, it really is.

Unknotting confusion is my superpower which is why anxiety starts to fall away from the moment we start coaching together – instead, hope, excitement and momentum abound!

That’s the simple power of coaching – it gets you out of the lonely silo of your circular mind and zooms in on the truth – what energises you and what direction you yearn to follow to find the deep happiness and success my clients long for.

If you’re wandering what sort of clients I work with and what sort of industries they start in and move to, here’s a sneak peek in this short video.

If I sound confident about your ability to change paths, it’s because my clients do this again and again. I’m talking 99%!

Like anything, it’s easy when you know how and have a structure.

To hear more about how I can support your next steps towards the career and life of your dreams, email me ‘bring it on!’ here. I have space for two new clients in the next 6 weeks and offer an early bird discount for the super keen! Think fun, clarifying conversations with tangible results which hit bullseye.

To quote one lovely client: ‘Coaching with Mel was the best investment I’ve ever made’. You can check out more Google Reviews from past clients who have moved from career confusion to successful 360 career change here!

What’s stopping you?

From New York Journalist to Farmer’s Wife: What The Dirty Life Teaches Us About Happiness

Good Husbandry by Kristin Kimball review – a new life on a community farm |  Society books | The Guardian

What are you?

A professional or an entrepreneur, a country bumpkin or a city slicker, a conformist or a free spirit? Or are you a hybrid – a suited and booted banker or lawyer with the ‘perfect job’ but a niggling desire to explore less well-trodden paths? Or maybe you’re just plain confused about where you fit and what really drives you.

Whatever category you fall into, most of us from Generation Y were bred by folks with far less opportunity than us professionally. With more conventional views of what constitutes a ‘proper’ job, our parents may have inadvertently left us stuck between a rock and a hard place – between what we should do and what we want to do. But ‘should’ is where it all goes wrong.

Expectations versus reality


Nobody knows this better than Kristen Kimball, author of ‘The Dirty Life’ and former freelance journalist and Harvard graduate from New York. After a chance interview with a hunky farmer, she upped sticks to set up farm with her green-fingered interviewee, leaving the city lights and life as she knew it in her wake. You heard right – East Village in favour of mud and veg in the middle of nowhere. This is a story of two love affairs that interrupted the trajectory of an intellectual glamour-puss’ life – one with farming and the other with a man who milks cows for a living. A striking tale about love, happiness and the power of instinct, ‘The Dirty Life’ is a must-read for anyone feeling a little disillusioned with the daily grind or what life’s all about.

The product of a neat, middle-class world, Kimball’s novel charts the mental and physical challenges she faced leaving the glitzy world of ‘convention’ in favour of rural slog. ‘Writ[ing] with precision, authority and gratitude about what is evidently, despite its rigours, an idyllic life’ (New York Times Book Review), Kimball challenges our views about wealth, success and love, giving food for thought as compelling as the gastronomical delights she chronicles.

Kimball’s union with Mark, a rugged hulk of a man with a passion for food and farming, is a world away from the corporate sphere she might have settled into. But as with the different kind of ‘wealth’ she finds farm-side, Kimball takes us on a journey full of surprises, a journey which exposes some stark ironies about our perceptions of ‘success’ and ‘happiness’ of City life.

Does success equal happiness?

How to Get Hens to Lay Eggs in Nest Boxes

‘The Dirty Life’ makes us question our ‘values’ as we know them. In Kimball we find a cosmopolitan New Yorker who, like many of us, supposedly ‘has it all’. A woman with all the trappings of refinement, yet one who is, by her own admission, blinded by ignorance. Openly admitting her surprise that a ‘salt-of-the-earth-type’ person such as Mark could talk with dexterity and intelligence and that ‘the physical world – the trades’ was not in fact ‘the place you ended up if you weren’t bright or ambitious enough to handle a white-collar job’, Kimball shows us the danger of defining people by what they do. In Kimball we find a highly educated woman who has travelled the world with her job, yet whose eyes are opened by an entirely different world, stunned by the happiness she finds ‘pulling warm eggs out of a nest box’.

Shake things up…

So, what is the moral of the tale? Keep meeting new people, keep an open-mind and be true to yourself. Work out what is important to you and don’t be afraid to question reality as you know it. Have the courage to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you and remember, the most successful life is one which unearths what makes you truly happy. Fulfilment goes far deeper than an impressive job title and it will bring you fruits that money can’t buy.

Watch an interview with Kristin Kimball here.



The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Powerful Tale Every Stressed-Out City Professional Should Read

What Would You Change?

The rise of death bed marriages, and are they a good idea? - Stowe Family  Law

Picture the scene… You’re lying on your deathbed looking back at your life. All you can hear is the ticking of the clock and the quiet mumblings of voices swimming around you. What chapters of your life would you pause and zoom in on, savouring the happiness that you felt? And what would you regret? Not spending more time with your family, not meeting more people, not laughing enough or not billing more hours at the office? It seems simple when we look at it like that, but it’s easy to get swept up in the helter skelter of City life, losing touch with the values that give us real purpose. These are the sorts of questions that Sharma’s bestselling novel, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”, will have you asking.

Balance Versus Success.

Heavy it may sound, but Sharma’s style is anything but. Described by Brian Tracy, as a “fun, fascinating, fanciful adventure into the realms of personal development,” this is an inspiring story full of insightful messages for city professionals on how to achieve greater balance, control and effectiveness in their daily lives. And as one of the world’s leading experts on leadership and personal development and author of 12 international bestsellers, Robin Sharma knows a thing or two about success…

What Is Wealth?

Living in a city is stressful as hell

It is success in its widest sense that is the crux of this powerful tale. This is a story about Julian Mantle, a hotshot lawyer whose out of balance lifestyle culminates in a near fatal heart attack in a packed courtroom. His collapse provokes a spiritual crisis, leading him to seek answers to life’s most important questions.

On a quest for happiness and fulfilment, he sells his prized possessions (including his Ferrari) and embarks upon a pilgrimage to India, where he discovers a group of monks who teach him the secrets of true happiness. Enlightened, he returns to the “very troubled” Western world, devoting himself to spreading this ancient wisdom to professionals who have lost sight of the “huge difference between well-being and being well-off”.

What Can We Learn From Julian Mantle?

Whether you’re a lawyer, an aspiring leader of industry or just hungry for recognition at work, there is some of Julian Mantle in all of us. Whether the dash of ego, the good education, the impressive job title, or the seemingly ‘have-it-all lifestyle’, we can relate to the intensity of his world, a world full of success and glamour but devoid of time; time to think, to feel and to develop spiritually. Our identification with this high-achieving, aspirational Alpha male, makes his fallout all the more disturbing.

But Mantle’s collapse is about far more than the physical dangers of work overload – his near death experience is the root from which Sharma philosophises outwards to explore the damaging internal effects of unbalanced, chaotic lives and how we can empower ourselves to find lasting happiness.

Indeed, the tale of Julian’s transformation from Type A senior partner at a leading law firm, who “at a fifty three years old, looked as if he was in his late seventies,” to a “youthful, vital and smiling model of change,” evidences the truth behind the transformational tips and techniques that he teaches.

What Are Sharma’s Top Tips?

A warmhearted, practical guide about the power of potential, here are some of the most inspiring lessons from “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”:

1. “There is no such thing as objective reality or the ‘real world’. There are no absolutes.”

2. “The secret of true happiness is simple. Find out what you truly love to do and then direct all your energy towards doing it. If you study the happiest, healthiest, most satisfied people of our world, you will see that each and every one of them has found their passion in life, and then spent their days pursuing it. Once you are focusing your mental power and energy on a pursuit that you love, abundance flows into our life and all your desires are fulfilled with ease and grace.”

3. “Most people live within the confines of their comfort zone. The best thing you can do for yourself is regularly move beyond it. This is the way to realise your true potential.”

4. “Achievement need not be of the material sort. Personally my objectives are to attain peace of mind, self-mastery and enlightenment. If I fail to accomplish these goals by the end of my life, I am certain that I will die feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied.” 5. “Dare to dream that you are more than the sum of your current circumstances. Once you find your purpose, life becomes much easier and far more rewarding.”

What The Critics Say…

The reviews speak for themselves. While Paulo Coelho, #1 bestselling author of The Alchemist, calls it, “A captivating story that teaches as it delights…helping people all over the world lead great lives,” and Richard Carlson, PhD and author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff”, says, “Robin Sharma has the rare gift of writing books that are truly life-changing.

What’s The Moral Of The Tale?

‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ is packed full of useful messages and tips for city professionals to find lasting happiness. Whether showing that it’s normal if your goals change over time, or if the passion that you once felt for a job gives way to a sense of emptiness, it will certainly change your perspective.

Unlike the neatly packaged identities that social media cultivates, Sharma teaches us that life is a journey and we are constantly evolving creatures with shifting values and needs. There are no mistakes, only lessons.

As products of Generation Y, it’s easy to pursue competitive roles out of a sense of duty but Sharma shows us the value of reflection and questioning – are we so busy chasing the big pleasures of life that we are missing out on all the little ones? Are we really doing what we love?

So if you’re in a job that’s dominating your life or you’re simply interested in happiness and self-development, read this book. And if you think you don’t have time, all the more reason to. Life is all about choices and investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make.

Julian Mantle’s heart attack was his defining moment – his wake up call – giving him the chance to live a more inspired life. This book may be the wake up call that you’ve been looking for…

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